Go Green

Bus Travel has the smallest Carbon Footprint, compared to any other mode of transport!

Green Travel with Northfield Lines on Our Biodiesel Charter Buses!

Not only are you choosing one of the safest modes of travel when you travel with Northfield Lines, you are also choosing one of the greenest. In fact, the only greener way to travel is to by electric car that you charge with solar panels, biking or on foot.

We feel that being good stewards to our Earth is our responsibility, and we are proud of our efforts to help. All our buses use Biodiesel, which provides lower emissions compared to petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is the best greenhouse gas mitigation strategy for todays larger vehicles. Biodiesel reduces net carbon dioxide emissions by 78 percent compared to petroleum diesel. This is due to biodiesel’s closed carbon cycle. The CO² released into the atmosphere when biodiesel is burned is recycled by growing plants, which are later processed into fuel. Motorcoaches currently provide 206.6 passenger miles per gallon (MPG), more than double the second most fuel-efficient sector, commuter rail at 92.4 passenger MPG. Transit buses achieve 31.4 passenger MPG, domestic air carriers achieve 44 passenger MPG, and single passenger automobiles achieve 27.2 passenger MPG.

Motorcoaches reduces highway congestion. A single Northfield Lines motorcoach can take as many as 56 cars off the road. That’s millions of cars not driven, saving fuel, cutting emissions and reducing congestion.

Reducing Highway Traffic Congestion