Weekly Casino Runs / Tours

Jackpot Junction  Casino Run / Every Monday  $8 per person  
Stop Time
Northfield: Parking lot - corner of 5th St. & Washington St. 8:30 am
Big Steer Travel Center / Parking lot north of fuel pumps 8:45 am
Lonsdale / Casey's Station on Hwy 19 9:00 am
Montgomery / Fir Ave. & 2nd Street NW 9:15 am
New Prague / On 6th Ave. (2 blocks west of EconoFoods) 9:30 am
Le Sueur / Pizza Ranch Restaurant 9:55 am
Gaylord - (Behind) Prairie House Restaurant 10:20am
Winthrop / by Lyle's Cafe on Hwy 19(kitty-corner from Dairy Queen) 10:30am
-----Bus arrives at Casino at 11:15am and departs at 4:30pm-------  
Approximate Return Times  
Winthrop 5:10pm
Gaylord 5:20pm
LeSueur 5:40pm
New Prague 6:00pm
Montgomery 6:15pm
Lonsdale 6:30pm
Big Steer 6:45pm
Northfield 7:00pm




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