About Northfield Lines

Northfield Lines Staff: Joni, Bryce, Margaret, John, Wanda, Pam, Craig and Lisa


Northfield Lines, Inc. has earned its reputation for safety, driver professionalism, quality of equipment and friend support. We pride ourselves on friendly, professional services, from your initial contact to the billing department. Rest assured that you will enjoy top-notch service and a safe, enjoyable travel experience.


John Benjamin, President & C.E.O:

"Since 1989 the motor coach travel industry has taught me that this is, through and through, a people business. That is why each of us at Northfield Lines, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that your travel experience is positive. From your first contact, to bid and proposal, to travel planning, to professional, courteous drivers, to state of the art equipment, everything we do is geared toward providing you with safe, enjoyable, worry-free travel. You are our number one priority."

Pam Williams, Sales Manager:

"By traveling over a million miles a year, we've learned some things about pleasing our customers--people just like you. It's no secret and no surprise that you want friendly, knowledgeable, courteous people to work with. You want dependability and responsiveness. You want comfort and quality. And of course, you want value--a good product at a fair price. You deserve nothing less. Call, fax or e-mail your request for quote or more info soon. Ride with us. You'll get what you deserve. We stake our reputation on it!"